New Short Film Profiles Native Canadian Rapper’s Cultural Roots

While film reviews or editorials are not commonly associated with this space, I am happy to break from tradition whenever and wherever appropriate.

Recently I was made aware of a short Canadian documentary-styled film about a Native Canadian rapper and new media artist named Daybi. The 4-1/2 minute film entitled “Home” provides a self-narrated overview of his relationship between his music, his culture and his family.  While part of what endeared me to the film was the educational aspect it provided me about the connectivity that hip-hop music had to some Native Canadians as a method of cultural expression, I was more drawn to the powerful relationship one has with their home, their family and sense of community.

A sense of community is often the foundation for change in society.  Whether it provide a sense of purpose, or inspiration or simply of comfort and belonging, the underlying tone of the power of one’s community was a key message from this film that I took away.

Additionally I am happy to share independent film efforts whenever possible so I hope you’ll take a few minutes to have a look for yourself.

The credits at the bottom include links to those who supported the production of this film through either sponsorship or other support. It’s important to recognize the challenges associated with film making and to acknowledge those who facilitate its creation where suitable.

Montreal film director Mathieu Favreau’s most recent video on Canadian native rapper and media artist Daybi is a tribute to the artist and his community. Currently residing with his son on the Kahnawake Mohawk reserve on the outskirts of Montreal, Daybi grew up in Vancouver and Winnipeg, where he began rapping at an early age before living in New York and Los Angeles. His music brought him to connect with a number of American and Canadian artists such as Moka Only, Aceyalone, and the Freestyle Fellowship.



 Production, direction, cinematography and editing | Mathieu Favreau

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