Ford and Lincoln Canada to Stop Printing Sales Brochures

It seems that glossy automobile sales brochures may soon go the way of the Phone Book.

Ford Canada has announced that beginning with the 2018 model year, all Ford and Lincoln products will no longer have printed sales brochures available in dealerships.  Instead, all promotional material regarding their model line up will be maintained digitally on their company websites.

The company estimates they print about 800,000 brochures annually and by discontinuing the practice, there are significant environmental and financial savings to be had.

While some may lament their demise, the truth is that consumers nowadays tend to rely heavily on digital sources such as websites, social media, You Tube and more for both information as well as reviews and recommendations.  Much as nobody really uses a phone book any longer to find a number or search for a business, there likely aren’t enough consumers demanding costly printed brochures as reference material to justify the need to keep producing them.

Ford Canada created the infographic below to note the environmental benefits from the elimination of sales brochures.  At this time it is unknown as to whether any other automakers are planning similar initiatives, but it would seem likely that once one automaker begins the practice, others are likely to follow suit.

Infographic: Ford Canada

Infographic: Ford Canada

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