Baskin-Robbins Had Me at Ice Cream – But Cookies?!

Like many online influencers, I receive dozens of invites every month to attend launches or other corporate-themed opportunities and events.  I say no to the vast majority of them since they are either not relevant to my central focus, or they simply don’t interest me.

However, I’ve always had a difficult time saying no to ice cream…


Consistent with that, yesterday I accepted an invite to get a sneak preview of Baskin-Robbins newest product launch, and the first new product-line offering from the company who made 31 Flavours a popular catch-phrase in a decade.

Beginning March 1st, Baskin-Robbins will now offer warm cookies to be either used as part of an ice cream sandwich or in a sundae.  The idea is simple – pick a couple of warmed-up cookies from their available offerings, then pick an ice cream flavour and put them together in one of several possible ways.


Photo: Eric Novak


Photo: Eric Novak


Photo: Eric Novak

While I joked around yesterday saying that I wound up having a ‘sandwich’ for lunch, it goes without saying that such an indulgence should be seen as a treat and not a staple of your diet.  As with all comfort items or desserts, moderation is the key but having said that, when it’s time for an occasional indulgence, this one looked and tasted pretty darn good.

Baskin-Robbins locations can be found world wide, with just under 100 located in Canada.  All Canadian locations will offer consistent pricing on these new items for the month of March.  I wasn’t aware of this, but franchisee’s do have the ability to adjust pricing due to local market conditions but at least for the first month, the price will be the same everywhere you go.


Photo: Eric Novak

So if you’re looking for a March Break treat for the kids, you can now enjoy warm cookies with anyone of the 31 flavours available at your nearest Baskin-Robbins location.  I know I did!

To learn more or find a location near you, visit

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