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    • Removing Bloor bike lane would be mistake, Olympic cyclist says September 6, 2017
      This fall, Toronto city council will debate whether to make the Bloor bike lane a permanent feature. If councillors vote against it, the lane (currently a pilot) could be removed...
      Gideon Forman, Transportation Policy Analyst
    • Why Olympian Adam van Koeverden supports bike lanes August 22, 2017
      People can't be divided neatly into cyclists and motorists, says Adam van Koeverden. The 2004 winner of the Lou Marsh Trophy, given to Canada's top athlete, is himself a driver...
      Gideon Forman, Transportation Policy Analyst
    • Grassy Narrows stands up for Mother Earth July 10, 2017
      The fight at Grassy Narrows illustrates a need for a paradigm shift, one that sees all people living in Canada learning to value all life on Mother Earth as much as we value human life. There is no economic value added to our society when corporations are allowed to devastate the environment in an effort […]
      Paula Hill, Public Engagement Specialist
    • Road safety more important than speed, new poll suggests July 4, 2017
      A new Angus Reid Forum poll of 802 Torontonians shows 80 per cent support a "safe network of bicycle lanes" across the city. That's a hugely encouraging statistic, especially because...
      Gideon Forman, Transportation Policy Analyst
    • Bloor bike lane a boon to business, safety May 23, 2017
      Nine months after Toronto launched its Bloor bike lane, is the project a success? There's much evidence to suggest it is. A survey released by the city in February shows...
      Gideon Forman, Transportation Policy Analyst