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    • It's miles matching week! March 2, 2015
      Donate your Aeroplan Miles to the David Suzuki Foundation until March 8 and Aeroplan will double them! […]
    • Hitting the streets for the Chinese New Year's parade February 27, 2015
      As the Blue Dot campaign continues to raise awareness about the need for the right to a healthy environment as a fundamental Canadian right, we, as street dance artists, want to show our support. […]
      Kim Sato, dancer, choreographer and dance producer
    • Top ten list for a successful Blue Dot campaign February 26, 2015
      Blue Dot volunteer Grant Linney provides inspired guidance for achieving municipal environmental rights recognition. /*hacking the front page thumbnail*/ $('#do.features-item .features-item-image img').css({ 'width':'auto', 'height':'225px' }); […]
      Grant Linney, Lead Blue Dot Community Volunteer, Hamilton, Ontario
    • Vancouver's diverse communities come together for the Year of the Ram February 13, 2015
      The David Suzuki Foundation Chinese New Year parade team is celebrating our third anniversary -- this year inspired by the Blue Dot campaign to promote our right to live in a healthy environment. […]
      Winnie Hwo, Public Engagement Specialist
    • Divestment movement grows February 11, 2015
      Diverse organizations and individuals are taking a stand for the Earth by cutting ties with fossil-fuel investments. […]
      Andrea Seale, Deputy CEO
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    • 2015 Ford F-150 Winter Test Drive February 26, 2015
      (Charlevoix, Quebec) While the brutal winter weather that most of central and eastern North America has received this year has been a scourge to most, it also created an ideal situation... […]
      Eric Novak
    • Tesla Model S P85D Test Drive – 0 to 100 in Holy F**k!! February 15, 2015
      For a relatively small automotive company, Tesla Motors sure likes punching way above its weight. The zero-emission automaker, co-founded by young Billionaire Elon Musk has been shaking the traditional engineering... […]
      Eric Novak
    • Valentine’s Day Confessions of the Romantically Challenged! February 13, 2015
      NOTE: I’ve run this article in the past on different websites and in various newspapers.  It’s always a hit so I decided to run it again while adding a story... […]
      Eric Novak
    • TEST DRIVE: 2015 Porsche Cayenne S E Hybrid January 23, 2015
      Pop quiz – Which automaker offers the most plug-in hybrid models in their product line-up? Toyota? – Nope.  G.M.? – Nope.  Tesla? – Good guess, but nope. Surprisingly the answer... […]
      Eric Novak
    • Over the Top Kids Birthday Parties are the Real Problem January 19, 2015
      If you’ve ever organized a birthday party outside of your home for your child, then you probably will have some form of an opinion on this one way or another.... […]
      Eric Novak