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    • Volunteers sing out solutions April 24, 2015
      Our volunteers give the Foundation greater presence in local communities. Now, they're even putting our work to music! […]
      Jennifer Rodriguez, Volunteer Engagement Specialist
    • Canada deserves a better budget April 22, 2015
      The federal budget comes up short on our climate and future. […]
    • Vancouver's oil spill: Damage in the water April 16, 2015
      This oil spill is not a wake-up call. It's a reality check as plans move ahead to dramatically increase the number of tankers in Vancouver's harbour to transport oil from Alberta's tar sands to Asia. […]
      Theresa Beer, communications specialist
    • Growing movements and shaping communities: The power of volunteerism April 15, 2015
      This National Volunteer Week, The David Suzuki Foundation offers a sincere thank you to all our volunteers across the country. Without you, our great work would just be ambitious ideas. […]
      Jennifer Rodriguez, Volunteer Engagement Specialist
    • REaDY 2015 is just around the corner April 8, 2015
      This is the fourth year the David Suzuki Foundation has partnered with the City of Richmond and the Richmond School District to co-present the REaDY Summit. Past keynote speakers include David Suzuki, Sarika Cullis-Suzuki and David Suzuki Foundation CEO Peter Robinson. […]
      Edrick Dudang, Langara Journalism School student volunteer